Filing Issues For Eventgen

Reporting bugs

If you think you’ve found a bug in eventgen, please create a bug report on github.

For bugs, please choose the bug report template. Then, provide information as much as possible according to the tempalte. If we need to triage issues and constantly ask people for more detail, that’s time taken away from actually fixing issues. Help us be as efficient as possible by including a lot of detail in your issues.

Note: If you just have a question that won’t necessarily result in a change to eventgen, such as asking how something works or how to contribute, please use the slack channel instead of filing an issue.

Requesting changes

If you want some enhancement or new feature which is not in current eventgen release, please create a feature request on github.

For change requests, please choose the feature request template. Then, provide the information as much as possible according to the template. When creating a change request issue, please provide clear description about the user scenario and the expected behavior following to the template. It is very important to save the time and avoid back and forth discussion.