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Contributing Guidelines

All are welcome to contribute!

A GitHub account is required to create a pull request to submit new content. If you do not want to submit changes, you may also consider the following:

How to Contribute

This repository uses MkDocs with the Material for MkDocs theme.

If you know the markdown language then using this style of documentation will be a breeze. For a full list of capabilities see MkDocs's website.

Fork the RBA GitHub

  • Fork the RBA GitHub page, make your changes, and submit a pull requests.
  • Try to match the format of the existing documentation.
    • We can assist you with this process.

Create a local environment for testing

Testing locally will be a great way to ensure your changes will work with what currently exists.

The easiest way to get started is by using a python virtual environment. For simplicity, pipenv will be used for the following.

  1. Install python and pipenv on your local workstation -> Pipenv docs.
  2. Once installed, navigate to your forked repository and run the following to install the latest requirements.

    # your forked rba directory
    # ./rba
    pipenv install -r docs/requirements.txt
  3. Now you can enter pipenv run mkdocs serve which will create a webserver that can be reached by opening your browser and navigating to http://localhost:8000.

Last update: May 22, 2023
Created: January 4, 2023