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Vendor - Proofpoint

Product - Proofpoint Protection Server

Ref Link
Splunk Add-on
Product Manual


sourcetype notes
pps_mail_log This sourcetype will conflict with sendmail itself, so will require that the PPS send syslog on a dedicated port or be uniquely identifiable with a hostname glob or CIDR block if this sourcetype is desired for PPS.

Sourcetype and Index Configuration

key sourcetype index notes
proofpoint_pps_filter pps_filter_log email none
proofpoint_pps_sendmail pps_mail_log email none

Filter type

MSG Parse: This filter parses message content * NOTE: This filter will simply parse the syslog message itself, and will not perform the (required) re-assembly of related messages to create meaningful final output. This will require follow-on processing in Splunk.

Setup and Configuration

  • Install the Splunk Add-on on the search head(s) for the user communities interested in this data source. If SC4S is exclusively used the addon is not required on the indexer.
  • Review and update the splunk_metadata.csv file and set the index and sourcetype as required for the data source.
  • Follow vendor configuration steps per referenced Product Manual


Variable default description
SC4S_PROOFPOINT_PPS_TCP_PORT empty string Enable a TCP port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers.
SC4S_PROOFPOINT_PPS_UDP_PORT empty string Enable a UDP port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers.
SC4S_ARCHIVE_PROOFPOINT_PPS no Enable archive to disk for this specific source
SC4S_DEST_PROOFPOINT_PPS_HEC no When Splunk HEC is disabled globally set to yes to enable this specific source


One or two sourcetypes are included in Proofpoint PPS logs. The search below will surface both of them:

index=<asconfigured> sourcetype=pps_*_log | stats count by host