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Vendor - Splunk

Product - Splunk Connect for Syslog (SC4S)

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Splunk Add-on
Product Manual


sourcetype notes
sc4s:events Internal events from the SC4S container and underlying syslog-ng process
sc4s:metrics syslog-ng operational metrics that will be delivered directly to a metrics index in Splunk

Sourcetype and Index Configuration

key sourcetype index notes
sc4s_events all main none
sc4s_metrics all em_metrics none

Filter type

SC4S events and metrics are generated automatically and no specific ports or filters need to be configured for the collection of this data.

Setup and Configuration

  • No specific requirements are required for the collection of sc4s internal events.
  • Metrics data is collected by default as traditional events; use of Splunk Metrics is enabled by an opt-in set by the variable SC4S_DEST_SPLUNK_SC4S_METRICS_HEC. See the “Options” section below for details.


Variable default description
SC4S_DEST_SPLUNK_SC4S_METRICS_HEC event event produce metrics as plain text events; single produce metrics using Splunk Enterprise 7.3 single metrics format; multi produce metrics using Splunk Enterprise 8.x multi metric format


SC4S will generate versioning events at startup. These startup events can be used to validate HEC is set up properly on the Splunk side.

index=<asconfigured> sourcetype=sc4s:events | stats count by host

Metrics can be observed via the “Analytics–>Metrics” navigation in the Search and Reporting app in Splunk. * NOTE: The presentation of metrics is undergoing active development; the delivery of metrics is currently considered an experimental feature.