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Vendor - Tanium

Product - All

This source requires a TLS connection; in most cases enabling TLS and using the default port 6514 is adequate. The source is understood to require a valid certificate.

Ref Link
Splunk Add-on


sourcetype notes
tanium none

Index Configuration

key index notes
tanium epintel none

Filter type

MSG Parse: This filter parses message content timestamp: When present the field Client-Time-UTC will be used as the time source


Variable default description
SC4S_ARCHIVE_TANIUM no Enable archive to disk for this specific source
SC4S_DEST_TANIUM_HEC no When Splunk HEC is disabled globally set to yes to enable this specific source
SC4S_SOURCE_TLS_ENABLE no This must be set to yes so that SC4S listens for encrypted syslog from ePO

Additional setup

NOTE: Tanium requires the use of IETF framing and should be configured to use port 601 (DEFAULT) or locally configured RFC6587 port. Use of any other port configuration will cause data corruption.


An active site will generate frequent events use the following search to check for new events

Verify timestamp, and host values match as expected

index=<asconfigured> (sourcetype=tanium*")