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Vendor - Trend Micro

Product - Deep Security

Ref Link
Splunk Add-on CEF


sourcetype notes

Index Configuration

key sourcetype index notes
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent deepsecurity epintel Used only if a correct source type is not matched
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_intrusion prevention deepsecurity-intrusion_prevention epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_integrity monitoring deepsecurity-integrity_monitoring epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_log inspection deepsecurity-log_inspection epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_web reputation deepsecurity-web_reputation epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_firewall deepsecurity-firewall epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_antimalware deepsecurity-antimalware epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Agent_app control deepsecurity-app_control epintel
Trend Micro_Deep Security Manager deepsecurity-system_events epintel

Filter type

MSG Parse: This filter parses message content


Note: listed for reference; processing utilizes the Microsoft ArcSight log path as this format is a subtype of CEF

Variable default description
SC4S_LISTEN_CEF_TCP_PORT empty string Enable a TCP port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers
SC4S_LISTEN_CEF_UDP_PORT empty string Enable a UDP port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers
SC4S_ARCHIVE_CEF no Enable archive to disk for this specific source
SC4S_DEST_CEF_HEC no When Splunk HEC is disabled globally set to yes to enable this specific source
  • NOTE: Set only one set of CEF variables for the entire SC4S deployment, regardless of how many ports are in use by this CEF source (or any others). See the “Common Event Format” source documentation for more information.


An active site will generate frequent events use the following search to check for new events

Verify timestamp, and host values match as expected

index=<asconfigured> (sourcetype="deepsecurity*")