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Configure Global setting for CloudWatch inputs in the Splunk Add-on for AWS

Configure Global settings for CloudWatch inputs using Splunk Web

To configure global settings in Splunk Web:

  1. Click Splunk Add-on for AWS in the navigation bar on Splunk Web home.
  2. Navigate to Configuration page.
  3. Click on Add-on Global Settings.
  4. Use the following table to complete the CloudWatch Max Threads configuration.
Argument in configuration file Field in Splunk Web Description
cloudwatch_dimensions_max_threads CloudWatch Max Threads Specify the number of thread workers that will be working simultaneously to retrieve data for CloudWatch input. The default value is set to 1. The value of CloudWatch Max Threads should be between 1 to 64. Tune the thread count according to the system specifications. Updating the thread count can lead to increased CPU and Memory utilization.

Configuring CloudWatch Max Threads to higher value, might affect the system performance.

Configure Global settings for CloudWatch inputs using configuration files

To configure global seetings manually, create a stanza using the following template and add it to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/Splunk_TA_aws/local/aws_global_settings.conf. If the file or path does not exist, create it.

cloudwatch_dimensions_max_threads = <value>