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splunk-add-on-ucc-framework is a framework to generate UI based Splunk Add-ons. It includes UI, Rest handler, Modular input, Oauth, Alert action templates.

After UCC 5.2 Python 2 specific libraries are not supported anymore. : This means if the add-on has package/lib/py2/requirements.txt they will not be installed while running ucc-gen command. Therefore modular inputs that are supposed to run on Python 2 will not be supported by UCC.

Available as a Github action here:

What is UCC?

UCC stands for Universal Configuration Console. The purpose of having a framework for add-on generation is to simplify the process of add-on creation for the developers. UCC 5.X uses SplunkUI which is a new UI framework based on React.


  • Generate UCC based addons for your Splunk Technology Add-ons


splunk-add-on-ucc-framework can be installed via pip from PyPI:

pip3 install splunk-add-on-ucc-framework