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Offline Container Installation

Follow these instructions to “stage” SC4S by downloading the container so that it can be loaded “out of band” on a host machine, such as an airgapped system, without internet connectivity.

  • Download container image “oci_container.tgz” from our Github Page. The following example downloads v1.12; replace the URL with the latest release or pre-release version as desired.
sudo wget
  • Distribute the container to the airgapped host machine using an appropriate file transfer utility.
  • Execute the following command, using docker or podman as appropriate
<podman or docker> load < oci_container.tar.gz
  • Note the container ID of the resultant load
Loaded image:
  • Use the container ID to create a local label
<podman or docker> tag sc4slocal:latest
  • Use this local label sc4slocal:latest in the relevant unit or yaml file to launch SC4S (see the runtime options above) by setting the SC4S_IMAGE environment variable in the unit file (example below), or the relevant image: tag if using Docker Compose/Swarm. Using this label will cause the runtime to select the locally loaded image, and will not attempt to obtain the container image via the internet.
  • Remove the entry
ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/docker pull $SC4S_IMAGE

from the relevant unit file when using systemd, as an external connection to pull the container is no longer needed (or available).