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Upgrading SC4S

Upgrade SC4S

  1. For the latest version, use the latest tag for the SC4S image in the sc4s.service unit file. You can also set a specific version in the unit file if desired.
  1. Restart the service. sudo systemctl restart sc4s

See the release notes for more information.

Upgrade Notes

Version 3 does not introduce any breaking changes. To upgrade to version 3, review the service file and change the container reference from container2 to container3. For a step by step guide see here.

You may need to migrate legacy log paths or version 1 app-parsers for version 2. To do this, open an issue and attach the original configuration and a compressed pcap of sample data for testing. We will evaluate whether to include the source in an upcoming release.

Upgrade from <2.23.0

  • In VMware vSphere, update the ESX and vCenter sourcetype for add-on compatibility.

Upgrade from <2

  • Before upgrading to 2.x, review sc4s.service and manually update the differences in accordance with the current version of the documentation.
  • The SNMP Trap feature has been removed, migrate to Splunk Connect for SNMP
  • Legacy gomplate log path template support was deprecated in 1.x and has been removed in 2.x. Log paths must be migrated to an app-parser style configuration prior to upgrade.
  • Check env_file for “MICROFOCUS_ARCSIGHT” variables and replace with CEF variables.
  • Remove “CISCO_*_LEGACY” from env_file and replace in accordance with the current version of the documentation.
  • New images will no longer be published to Docker Hub. Review the current Getting Started docs and update the sc4s.service file accordingly.
  • Internal metrics will now use the multi format by default. If your system uses unsupported versions of Splunk 8.1 or earlier, see the Configuration Documentation for information on how to revert to event or single format.
  • Internal metrics will now use the _metrics index by default. Update vendor_product key ‘sc4s_metrics’ to change the index.
  • vendor_product_by_source is deprecated for null queue or dropping events. This use will be removed in version 3. See Filtering events from output.
  • SPLUNK_HEC_ALT_DESTS is deprecated and will be ignored.
  • SC4S_DEST_GLOBAL_ALTERNATES is deprecated and will be removed in future major versions.
  • Corrected Vendor/Product keys. See the following source documentation pages and revised configuration as part of your upgrade:
  • Zscaler (multiple changes)
  • dell_emc_powerswitch_n
  • F5_BIGIP
  • Dell RSA SecureID
  • ubiquiti
  • SC4S will now use “splunk” as the vendor value and “sc4s” as the product.
  • Fireye HX
  • Juniper
  • ossec
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Pulse Connect
  • ricoh
  • tanium
  • tintri
  • Vmware esx,vcenter,nsx,horizon
  • Wallix Bastion
  • Internal Changes
  • .dest_key field is no longer used.
  • sc4s_vendor_product is read only and will be removed.
  • sc4s_vendor now contains vendor portion of vendor_product.
  • sc4s_vendor_product now contains product portion of ‘vendor_product’.
  • sc4s_class now contains additional data previously concatenated to vendor_product
  • removed meta_key.
  • Custom “app-parsers” critical change:
#Current app parsers contain one or more lines
#This must change to failure to make this change will prevent sc4s from starting