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Upgrading Splunk Connect for Syslog

Splunk Connect for Syslog is updated regularly using a CI/CD development process. The notes below outline significant changes that must be taken into account prior and after an upgrade. Ensure to follow specific instructions below to ensure a smooth transition to a new version of SC4S in production.

Upgrade process

Check the current version of SC4S by running sudo <docker or podman> logs SC4S. For the latest version, use the latest tag for the SC4S image in the sc4s.service unit file:


Restart the service sudo systemctl restart sc4s

Using the “1” version is recommended, but a specific version can be specified in the unit file if desired:


See the release information for more detail.

Upgrade Notes

Need up migrating legacy “log paths” or v1 app-parsers for v2. Open an issue with the original config attached and a compressed pcap of sample data for testing and we will evaluate inclusion of the source in an upcoming release.

Upgrade from <2.23.0

  • Vmware vsphere fix esx and vcenter sourcetype for TA compatibility

Upgrade from <2

  • Before upgrading to 2.x review sc4s.service and manually update differences compared to current doc
  • EXPERIMENTAL SNMP Trap feature has been removed migrate to Splunk Connect for SNMP
  • Legacy “gomplate” log path template support was deprecated in 1.x and has been removed in 2.x log paths must be migrated to app-parser style config prior to upgrade
  • Check env_file for “MICROFOCUS_ARCSIGHT” variables and replace with CEF variables see source doc
  • Remove old style “CISCO_*_LEGACY” from env_file and replace per docs
  • New images will no longer be published to please review current getting started docs and update the sc4s.service file accordingly
  • Internal metrics will now use “multi” format by default if using unsupported versions of Splunk <8.1 see configuration doc to revert to “event” or “single” format.
  • Internal metrics will now use the _metrics index by default update vendor_product key ‘sc4s_metrics’ to change the index
  • Deprecated use of vendor_product_by_source for null queue or dropping events see See Filtering events from output this use will be removed in v3
  • Deprecated use of vendor_product_by_source for identification of source by host/ip see new app-parser syntax documented per applicable product
  • Deprecated use of SPLUNK_HEC_ALT_DESTS this variable is no longer used and will be ignored
  • Deprecated use of SC4S_DEST_GLOBAL_ALTERNATES this variable will be removed in future major versions see Destinations section in configuration
  • Corrected Vendor/Product keys BREAKING Please see source doc pages and revise configuration as part of upgrade
  • Zscaler (multiple changes)
  • dell_emc_powerswitch_n
  • F5_BIGIP
  • Dell RSA SecureID
  • ubiquiti
  • SC4S will now use “splunk as the vendor value, “sc4s” as the product
  • Fireye HX
  • Juniper
  • ossec
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Pulse Connect
  • ricoh
  • tanium
  • tintri
  • Vmware esx,vcenter,nsx,horizon
  • Wallix Bastion
  • Internal Changes
  • .dest_key field is no longer used
  • sc4s_vendor_product is read only and will be removed
  • sc4s_vendor new contains “vendor” portion of vendor_product
  • sc4s_vendor_product new contains “product” portion of vendor product
  • sc4s_class new contains additional data previously concatenated to vendor_product
  • removed meta_key
  • Custom “app-parsers” Critical Change
#Current app parsers contain one or more lines
#This must change to failure to make this change will prevent sc4s from starting