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Warning: Despite the TA indication this data source is CIM compliant all versions of NIOS including the most recent available as of 2019-12-17 do not support the DNS data model correctly. For DNS security use cases use Splunk Stream instead.

Key facts

  • Requires vendor product by source configuration
  • Legacy BSD Format default port 514
Ref Link
Splunk Add-on
Product Manual


sourcetype notes
infoblox:dns None
infoblox:dhcp None
infoblox:threat None
nix:syslog None

Sourcetype and Index Configuration

key sourcetype index notes
infoblox_nios_dns infoblox:dns netdns none
infoblox_nios_dhcp infoblox:dhcp netipam none
infoblox_nios_threat infoblox:threatprotect netids none
infoblox_nios_audit infoblox:audit netops none
infoblox_nios_fallback infoblox:port netops none


Variable default description
SC4S_LISTEN_INFOBLOX_NIOS_UDP_PORT empty Vendor specific port
SC4S_LISTEN_INFOBLOX_NIOS_TCP_PORT empty Vendor specific port

Parser Configuration

#File name provided is a suggestion it must be globally unique

application app-vps-test-infoblox_nios[sc4s-vps] {
 filter { 
        host("infoblox-*" type(glob))
    parser {