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Product - vSphere - ESX NSX (Controller, Manager, Edge)

Vmware vsphere product line has multiple old and known issues in syslog output.

  • GUID values sent in place of time stamp
  • Improper time stamp in all RFC5424 events
  • No PRI
  • No syslog header for some split events
  • mismatch syslog header for some split events (segment 1 contains header remaining segments contain no header)

WARNING use of a load balancer with udp will cause “corrupt” event behavior due to out of order message processing caused by the load balancer

Ref Link
Splunk Add-on ESX
Splunk Add-on Vcenter
Splunk Add-on nxs none
Splunk Add-on vsan none


sourcetype notes
vmware:esxlog:${PROGRAM} None
vmware:nsxlog:${PROGRAM} None
vmware:vclog:${PROGRAM} None
nix:syslog When used with a default port, this will follow the generic NIX configuration. When using a dedicated port, IP or host rules events will follow the index configuration for vmware nsx

Sourcetype and Index Configuration

key sourcetype index notes
vmware_vsphere_esx vmware:esxlog:${PROGRAM} infraops none
vmware_vsphere_nsx vmware:nxlog:${PROGRAM} infraops none
vmware_vsphere_nsxfw vmware:nxlog:dfwpktlogs infraops none
vmware_vsphere_vc vmware:vclog:${PROGRAM} infraops none

Filter type

MSG Parse: This filter parses message content when using the default configuration. SC4S will normalize the structure of vmware events from multiple incorrectly formed varients to rfc5424 format to improve parsing

Setup and Configuration

  • Review and update the splunk_metadata.csv file and set the index and sourcetype as required for the data source.
  • Refer to the Splunk TA documentation for the specific customer format required for proxy configuration
  • Select TCP or SSL transport option
  • Ensure the format of the event is customized per Splunk documentation


Variable default description
SC4S_LISTEN_VMWARE_VSPHERE_TCP_PORT empty string Enable a TCP port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers
SC4S_LISTEN_VMWARE_VSPHERE_UDP_PORT empty string Enable a UDP port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers
SC4S_LISTEN_VMWARE_VSPHERE_TLS_PORT empty string Enable a TLS port for this specific vendor product using a comma-separated list of port numbers
SC4S_SOURCE_VMWARE_VSPHERE_GROUPMSG empty string empty/yes groups known instances of improperly split events set “yes” to return to enable


An active proxy will generate frequent events. Use the following search to validate events are present per source device

index=<asconfigured> sourcetype="vmware:vsphere:*" | stats count by host

Automatic Parser Configuration

Enable the following options in the env_file

#Do not enable with a SNAT load balancer
#Combine known split events into a single event for Splunk
#Learn vendor product from recognized events and apply to generic events
#for example after the first vpxd event sshd will utilize vps "vmware_vsphere_nix_syslog" rather than "nix_syslog"

Manual Parser Configuration

#File name provided is a suggestion it must be globally unique

application app-vps-test-vmware_vsphere[sc4s-vps] {
 filter {      
    parser {