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Key facts

  • Requires vendor product by source configuration
  • Legacy BSD Format default port 514
  • Needs host to be defined in log header similarly like in this issue.
Ref Link
Splunk Add-on
Product Manual unknown


sourcetype notes
f5:bigip:syslog None
f5:bigip:irule None
f5:bigip:ltm:http:irule None
f5:bigip:gtm:dns:request:irule None
f5:bigip:gtm:dns:response:irule None
f5:bigip:ltm:failed:irule None
f5:bigip:asm:syslog None
f5:bigip:apm:syslog None
nix:syslog None
f5:bigip:ltm:access_json User defined configuration via irule producing a RFC5424 syslog event with json content within the message field <111>1 2020-05-28T22:48:15Z F5 - access_json - {"event_type":"HTTP_REQUEST", "src_ip":""} This source type requires a customer specific Splunk Add-on for utility value

Index Configuration

key index notes
f5_bigip netops none
f5_bigip_irule netops none
f5_bigip_asm netwaf none
f5_bigip_apm netops none
f5_bigip_nix netops if f_f5_bigip is not set the index osnix will be used
f5_bigip_access_json netops none

Parser Configuration

#File name provided is a suggestion it must be globally unique

application app-vps-test-f5_bigip[sc4s-vps] {
 filter { 
        "${HOST}" eq "f5_bigip"
    parser {